watermelon fruits uganda

Watermelon Growing in Uganda

Watermelon farming is the growing of watermelons starting from the planting stage to the harvesting period. Watermelons are green in colour on top and on

vegetable lettuce uganda

Vegetable Growing in Uganda

Vegetable farming is one of the many ways in which farmers in Uganda are earning money silently even those that just have a backyard. Many

vanilla pollination uganda

Vanilla Growing In Uganda

Vanilla is a popular flavor in Uganda, used in both sweet and savory dishes. Vanilla beans are grown in the country, and Ugandan farmers are

backyard farming

Urban Farming in Uganda

Urban farming can be found in almost every city in the country and in almost every space found in the city that can be cultivated

turmeric uganda

Turmeric Growing in Uganda

Turmeric which is commonly known as the queen of spices falls under the ginger family and is widely grown across the world. Commonly known as

turkey keeping in uganda

Turkey Farming In Uganda

Turkeys are the largest domestically raised birds in Uganda. You can rear turkeys for either meat or eggs however most of these birds are reared

tree planting in Uganda

Tree Farming in Uganda

Tree farming in Uganda is a profitable business and you can make millions from it but only if you are patient since it is a

tomato growing in uganda

Tomato Growing In Uganda

If you have the room and money for a high-profit crop, tomatoes are a good choice to grow in Uganda. Tomatoes, a warm-season crop, are

snail farming uganda

Snail Farming in Uganda

Snail farming is profitable which has been introduced into the country recently. It is common knowledge that most farmers hate snails since they are seen

sheep farming uganda

Sheep Farming in Uganda

Sheep farming in Uganda is not at all popular and you will rarely find farmers rearing the sheep for either meat or other products obtained

rosemary farming in uganda

Rosemary Growing In Uganda

  Uganda is home to a wide variety of plants, including the rosemary plant. Rosemary is a perennial herb that is native to the Mediterranean

rabbit farming in uganda

Rabbit Farming in Uganda

Rabbit farming in Uganda is a profitable business to everyone who does extensive research about rabbits. Rabbits can be reared either on a small scale

Poultry Farming in Uganda

Poultry farming in Uganda is known to be both lucrative and risky business especially if you do not know how to manage the poultry farm.

pig farming uganda

Piggery Farming In Uganda

Piggery farming in Uganda is on the rise most especially due to the ready market both within Uganda and outside the country. Pigs are being

onion growing in uganda

Onion farming in Uganda

Onions famously known as Butungulu are one of the most used vegetables in the country. There are two types of onions grown in Uganda and

mushroom cultivation uganda

Mushroom Farming in Uganda

Mushrooms in Uganda were grown on a small scale and sometimes they would sprout on their own in people’s homes but of recent, farmers have

maize growers uganda

Maize growing in Uganda

Maize is one of the most popular foods grown in Uganda contributing about 40% of the daily food that is prepared by Ugandans across the

chicken farming uganda

Local chicken farming in Uganda

Local chicken farming in Uganda has become a popular activity due to the increased market for the products that are meat production and eggs. The

hot pepper growing uganda

Hot Pepper Growing in Uganda

Hot pepper growing commonly known as chilli is mainly grown in tropical regions that experience a warm climate. It sometimes grows by itself in people’s

groundnuts uganda

Growing Ground Nuts In Uganda

Groundnut farming in Uganda is an extremely lucrative business in the country with many of the farmers from majorly Eastern and Northern Uganda planting a

french beans in uganda

Growing French Beans In Uganda

French beans are a popular vegetable to grow in the home garden. They are relatively easy to grow and produce a good yield. French beans

greenhouse farming uganda

Greenhouse Farming In Uganda

Greenhouse farming in Uganda has been welcomed by a lot of farmers especially those that are into growing perishable crops. A greenhouse is an enclosed

green pepper uganda

Green Pepper Growing in Uganda

Sweet pepper or bell pepper which is locally known as green pepper is a household name among the locals. The most common bell pepper which

goat keeping uganda

Goat Farming In Uganda

Goat farming is as profitable as cattle farming or piggery farming in Uganda if you take your time to carefully care for the goats from

ginger farm uganda

Ginger Growing in Uganda

Ginger is an underground rhizome plant that has a brownish skin with the insides having colours ranging from red, yellow or white depending on the

fish farming uganda

Fish Farming In Uganda

Commercial farming has been embraced by many farmers in Uganda due to mostly the limitation of fishing on Lake Victoria which has many fishing landing

eggplant farming uganda

Eggplant Growing in Uganda

Eggplant growing was at first done on a small scale especially for home consumption but at the moment there has been an increase in eggplant

coffee plantation uganda

Coffee Farming in Uganda

Uganda’s reputation as a fast growing coffee country is rising rapidly because of the climatic conditions and rich soils that favour coffee farming. Coffee was

cocoa growing uganda

Cocoa Farming in Uganda

Despite the fact that Uganda has been producing coffee for some time now, it still does not compete well on the international market and this

catfish in Uganda

Catfish Farming in Uganda

There are basically two types of catfish species in Africa and these are the Clarias Anguillaris and the clarias Gariepinus. The Clarias Gariepinus is also

cassava farming uganda

Cassava farming in Uganda

Cassava farming in Uganda has been mostly done for home consumption and on a small scale however many of the farmers are embracing commercial cassava

carrot farming uganda

Carrot Growing In Uganda

Carrot farming is a lucrative agricultural business and this is due to the fact that they are consumed across the country and also exported to

cabbage growing uganda

Cabbage Growing in Uganda

Cabbage planting has various benefits some of which include an income to both the farmers and vendors, they are rich in vitamin C which helps

bee farming uganda

Bee Keeping In Uganda

Bee keeping in Uganda has taken a huge turn as many farmers are venturing out into it not only for the money but also the

beans of uganda

Beans Farming in Uganda

Beans are extremely important as it is one of the most consumed legumes across the country alongside maize and rice. It is also known to

banana farming

Banana Farming in Uganda

Bananas are one of the most consumed foods in the country whether they are in season or not. They are in high demand from the

bamboo farm uganda

Bamboo Farming In Uganda

Bamboo farming in Uganda has transformed many lives of people in the country due to the potential market both within and outside the country. This

avocado farming uganda

Avocado Growing In Uganda

Locally known as Ova, the Ugandan Avocados are diverse when it comes to size, variety, flavour, colour and shape. They come in oval, pear, elongated

apple farming uganda

Apple Farming in Uganda

Apples are temperate crops that are currently grown in the south western part of Uganda in the highlands and at the moment they are still

tea plantation uganda

 Tea Growing in Uganda

Tea was introduced into the country in the 1990s and from that time it became a major cash crop in the country. The country has

Farming is a business where if properly managed yields a lot of profits and with the ever increasing number of people in Uganda, many people are running towards farming so as to earn something. Most farmers always minimize spending more money, maximizing labour and retaining profits as much as possible. There are a number of ways that farmers can increase their profits and also get rich from farming.

Before you rush into earning from farming you need to first separate farming business from farming itself. Farming in Uganda is generally considered to be a rural activity that is practiced using rudimentary tools like hoes and sometimes shovels. Farming like this and on a small scale will not really make you rich as you will need to make it a serious profession.

Farming is a very lucrative business and it does not matter what you are planning to farm for as long as you have good management over your farm. Remember that farming needs a lot of patience and you will not get rich fast but you can still get rich with time. There are several ways that you can get rich from farming and these are:

Go for training

Even though you do not need prior knowledge about farming before you venture into it like other professions, you need to go for training in order to get to know which plants to grow, animals to rear, where to get them from, proper management and how to increase your yields in farming.

Introduce crop rotation

Crop rotation helps with keeping the soil fertile for the next produce and also increases profit due to the different plants that are found on the farm. Corporation also helps prevent retardation in plants. For example, if you plant beans this season and then you plant maize in the next season, it is easy for the maize to grow because of the increased nutrients in the soil.

Selling of farm produce on the local market

You can sell the farm produce got from your farm on the local market or if you do not own a farm, you can become a middle man between the farmers and the final market that is get the produce at a relatively cheaper price from farmers and then sell them to the consumers with a profit. The farm produce is normally bought in bulk and can be sold directly to consumers or retailers. All in all you can either become a retail person or a distributor as both will earn you income from farming.

Transportation of the farm produce

Transport is a very big hurdle to most farmers in the country due to the bad roads and yet transporting farm produce to the final consumer with little or no damage increases profits to the farmer. You can buy trucks for easy transportation or, if not , partner with other farmers so that the goods are easily transported. Proper transportation of farm produce is a sure guarantee of high profits.

Increase the use of fertilizers

The more you farm on your land, the more it deteriorates leading to less produce at the end of every season. Carry out research and find out the different types of fertilizers that you can use on your plants and use the right quantities in order to increase the farm produce which in the end leads to high profits after selling your produce.

Add value to the farm produce for exports

You need to penetrate the international market if you want to earn big from farming. Yes there is a ready market for farm produce on the local market but you also need to try other ventures for more income. Value addition to the different farm produce will give you a chance to compete on the international market and it will also help you with the much needed research so that you can improve on your skills so that you can easily compete with other farmers from other countries.

Improve on the farming equipment

As you plan on starting a farm, make sure that you have enough equipment that you will need to make your farming as easy as possible. It is better if you buy the equipment upfront so that by the time you start selling your products, you have enough profits from your sales and the only thing that you need to do is to maintain the equipment. Some of the equipment that can be used include tractors, hoes and many more others.

Try out irrigation

With the increased climatic change in the country you will need to make sure that the crops in your farm are well taken care of and one of the best ways to do this is by carrying out irrigation.