Broiler chicken farming in Uganda

Broiler farming in Uganda today is a very lucrative business because there is high demand for the broilers and because they take a short time before they reach maturity. Broilers are one of the best ways in which you can earn extra money besides your usual job and since the birds can easily be accessed at the different poultry shops across the country.

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Broiler farming is just a part of the poultry farming business but unlike poultry where the birds are raised for multiple purposes, broiler farming is where the birds are raised for the sole purpose of meat production. Raising broilers is a little bit easier as compared to the layers although they have their share of problems and this is where this article comes in to guide you through broiler farming in Uganda. If you are looking to start a broiler farm in Uganda below are some of the steps that you need to follow in order for you to have a successful broiler business in the country.

Challenges that are faced with rearing broilers include the following:

  • Raising broiler birds is extremely expensive and you will need to be well prepared especially when it comes to feeding and housing units.

  • The broilers can easily be attacked by diseases leading to loses

  • The demand for the broilers on the market is more compared to the birds in the country

Farmers are encouraged not to go into broiler farming if you do not have a ready market for the birds because if you keep the birds till they are mature and you do not have a ready market, this will cause the farmer huge losses due to the constant feeding and caring for the birds.

Get training

the first thing that you need to do is get proper training on how to take care of the broiler birds from professionals. Broiler farming is like walking on eggshells because the birds can easily die with a 90% percentage if they are attacked by any type of disease which is why you need to know how to care for them, how to vaccinate them in case there is no veterinary doctor and make sure that the training you get is hands on. This will help you deal with any crisis concerning broilers once you open up the farm.

Carry out enough research

the first thing that you are going to be told by farmers is that broiler business is extremely lucrative but this does not mean that you are to just jump into the business without first carrying out proper research. Find out how to rear the birds, the start-up capital needed, location of the business and the available market. Once you are through with your research, the next step is to plan on how you are going to run the business, the employees if any are needed, housing structure and the number of birds that you need for the start.

broiler chicken farming uganda

Choose the broiler breed

you will need to get the best broiler breed for your farm. You can either get one day broiler chicks or one week chicks depending on how your housing unit was constructed.

You need to create a feeding routine for the broilers depending on their age until they are ready for sale. For the first month, the chicks are fed on starter feeds and for the second month, you can start feeding them on finisher feeds. You should make sure that there is enough food for the broilers because they keep on eating all the time from morning till evening. Make sure that the chicken feeders are clean in order to avoid constant infections and alongside the feeds, make sure that you provide enough fresh and clean water for the birds throughout the day.

Cleaning of the feeders is extremely important in broiler farming and one of the best ways in which you can clean the feeders is by use of phenols and bleaching powder. It greatly helps the birds from contracting numerous bird diseases and if possible, you can call on a veterinary doctor to do a routine check on the chicks.

Proper management of the farm

after getting your farm ready, you will need to properly manage the farm in order for you to get profits from it. If you are planning on a large number of chicks, make sure that the poultry house has enough space and is well ventilated. The hired help should also be able to care for the broilers and keep on checking on your potential clients.

Even after checking out with your clients, you need to ardently advertise your business so that you get more clients. Broilers are always ready for sale so this means that you will need to at least sell almost all of them because the more time they spend on the farm the more money you spend on feeding and management.

There are so many places where you can sell your broilers and some of these include restaurants, hotels, individual households, bakeries and food processing companies. If you follow the above steps and improve your skills in poultry, you will reap big from broiler farming. Broilers can be bought starting from as low as shs12, 000 to shs 20,000 depending on the season.